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Manufacturing Facilities

Our dedicated in-house design team constantly analyses international design trends to innovate new designs and products. Our mission is to provide the highest quality furniture solutions at the most competitive prices that serve our customers’ needs on time every time!

Our exports account for 80% of our total turnover thanks to the RELIABLE, INNOVATIVE and FUNCTIONAL designs which have kept abreast of current market trends and ever-changing consumer preferences.

Dexon is the only Malaysian steel furniture range manufactured from steel coil to finished product all under one roof! This allows us to have absolute control over quality, delivery and production costs; ensuring on-time delivery and high quality furniture every time.

All Dexon furniture has to undergo strict QC procedures to ensure the highest quality and consistency. We check for consistent thickness of parts, consistency of paint and make sure that all our furniture is packaged properly to withstand even the longest journey.

  • 1974 Dexon was established in 1974 as a pioneer welded steel cabinet manufacturer to cater fro Malaysia's local market requirements.
  • 1990 Dexon was acquired in 1990 by SMPC, a group specialized in Steel Service Centre business & introduced a knock down steel furniture range for export market.
  • 2006 In 2006 SMPC Dexon Sdn. Bhd. was formed as a fully owned subsidiary of SMPC Corporaion Bhd., a Public Listed company in Malaysia Stock Exchange.